Bankruptcy Law in Augusta, ME

Our practice serves Maine and Massachusetts consumers and businesses as they make important decisions about their debt, credit default, foreclosures and more. Together, we can explore your legal solutions to debt, and if appropriate, work through the bankruptcy process.

Don't Let Debt Burden You Any Longer

Tough economic times have affected many individuals, families and businesses in our great state of Maine. The general economic downturn is out of our hands, and as a result many people may now find themselves with a crushing debt burden.

Only Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Law Attorney in the State of Maine

Bankruptcy law is influenced by details at state level, and we take pride in staying ahead of ever-changing Maine bankruptcy law, and rules. Molleur Law has the only certified Consumer Bankruptcy Law attorney in the state of Maine.

Our office has over 30 years of experience representing clients in the bankruptcy process in Maine. Our knowledge and experience give us the flexibility to help you find the best solution for your situation.
A bankruptcy law office in Augusta, ME

Compassionate & Accurate Bankruptcy Counsel

Not only have we assisted individuals and businesses filing bankruptcy, but we have also worked with creditors throughout Maine. This experience on both sides of bankruptcy litigation has proven invaluable to helping Maine's debtors. We strive to provide compassionate and accurate counsel so that everyone can attain the financial freedom that is so important to success and happiness.

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If you live in Maine and are seeking an attorney who is intimately familiar with bankruptcy procedures, please schedule an appointment and we will find your solution: 207-283-3777. Or, visit one of our locations .