The American Bankruptcy Institute, a non-partisan organization whose 11,000 members comprise both debtors' and creditors' counsel, as well as other professionals, academics, and members of the judiciary, is dedicated to research and education on matters of insolvency. It website is The ABI's 13th Annual Northeast Conference is scheduled for July 13th - 16th this year in Newport. Rhode Island.

This ABI Conference will include a "consumer forum" in which James Molleur will moderate a panel of prominent attorneys and a Bankruptcy Judge on the topic of "Individual Chapter 11s - A Better Solution?". This topic is particularly timely given the changes in the Bankruptcy Code which reduce some of the benefits of Chapter 13, while providing incentives for individuals to consider Chapter 11. Chapter 11 is a reorganization form of bankruptcy, much like Chapter 13, and can be used to save homes and vehicles for individuals whose income or debt levels exceed those which make Chapter 13 an attractive option.

The Individual Chapter 11 topic will be one of the final presentations for the consumer forum, and is expected to provide to consumer debtors' counsel, who are usually more familiar with Chapters 7 and 13, another tool to use to assist their clients in addressing their significan debt burdens.