This past weekend, attorneys Andrea Bopp Stark and Chet Randall attended the 24th Annual Consumer Litigation Rights Conference in San Antonio, Texas for 3 days.  The conference focused on different areas of consumer rights litigation including the pursuit of cases under:

  • the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to help consumers who are being harassed by unfair debt collection practices;
  • the Fair Credit Reporting Act to assist consumers who have inaccurate trade lines on their credit reports; and
  • the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act to protect consumers who are having difficulty with getting an answer on a loss mitigation or loan modification application, who are being overcharged for fees and costs on their mortgage, or whose monthly payments are not being correctly applied to the mortgage.

The conference also provided sessions on litigation techniques, strategies to use in bankruptcy for homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage loans or who want to leave the home, and also provided information on how to deal with student loan debt.

The conference drew the best and brightest in the consumer litigation world to present on these topics, discuss techniques, and share strategies for helping protect consumers which we aim to implement at Molleur Law to help our clients.