Molleur Law Office is pleased to announce that Barry Evan Schklair, Esq. is joining our firm, effective June 25, 2012.  Barry and I have had a professional working relationship in bankruptcy related cases for over 25 years, and we have become good friends as well as colleagues.  Barry is an exceptionally talented attorney and adds considerable experience to our bankruptcy practice.  Barry will have a number of skilled paralegals to assist him in continuing to represent bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy clients.  Our goal at Molleur Law Office is to treat each client with compassion and respect and to represent our clients with the best legal talent available.  Barry’s addition to our firm provides exciting opportunities to better serve all our clients.  Barry, Tanya Sambatakos, Andrea Bopp Stark, Jennifer Hayden, and I look forward to continuing to assist you now and in the future. 

Barry can still be reached at 773-7500 and also at 283-3777.  His new email address is and his new office address is 537 Congress Street, 4th Floor, Suite 411, Portland, ME 04101.