Andrea Bopp Stark, Esq. was appointed to the Local Rules Committee for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Maine by the Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Louis H. Kornreich to provide comments and suggestions for the local bankruptcy rules of practice. The local rules can be found here: 

On the committee are the Honorable Louis H. Kornreich and the Honorable Peter G. Cary along with the Clerk of Court Alec Leddy, the Assistant US Trustee Stephen Morrell, the Chapter 12 and 13 Trustee Peter C. Fessenden, and five other local creditor and consumer bankruptcy attorneys. It is an honor for Bopp Stark to be appointed to sit on the Committee as it provides an opportunity to participate in the rule making process governing bankruptcy cases filed in Maine.

 The Committee met on February 25, 2014 and discussed the following:

  1. Possible changes to Local Rule 4001-1(c) language addressing what happens under 11 USC §362(e) regarding the automatic stay if the movant does not schedule a hearing within 30 days;
  2. Issues related to the new fee being imposed under 11 USC 363(f) when a trustee wishes to sell property free and clear and the estate has no funds to pay the filing fee;
  3. Brown Bag Lunches: Chief Judge Kornreich and Judge Cary have announced that they will hold brown bag lunches with the Bar in April and May: April 10 in Bangor, April 30 in Portland, and May 15 in Augusta. The lunches will start at 12:00 PM or after the morning's hearings are completed, whichever occurs later. Details are on the Court’s website at 

 A summary of the discussions will be posted shortly. Andrea welcomes your comments and suggestions regarding the Local Rules.