Molleur Law offers comprehensive foreclosure defense to Maine homeowners.  Whether you are on the verge of foreclosure or a foreclosure law suit has been filed against you in court, we can help you review what options you may have and determine which option may be the best for you.   As part of our comprehensive analysis and representation, we will determine your goals.  If you are trying to stay in your home, we can review your financial status to determine if you may qualify for a loan modification and, if so, then help you apply for and follow through with the often-times complicated bureaucratic process of obtaining a loan modification.  If you choose to mediate your foreclosure case, Molleur Law can represent you at mediation and again help you explore and review all of your options.  If you cannot afford to stay in your home, we can look at other options that may let you leave the house without owing a deficiency to the mortgage company.  Our attorneys are also trained to review your foreclosure documents to determine if you might have any defenses regarding the mortgage company's standing to bring this action against you, to review for any predatory lending defenses, and to explore any other defenses you may have against the foreclosure action. 

Molleur Law is on the forefront of helping homeowners in Maine.  Our attorneys, James Molleur, Andrea Bopp Stark, Jen Hayden, and Tanya Sambatakos are members of MASH: Maine Attorneys Saving Homes and are very involved with helping consumers in foreclosure.   Attorneys Sambatokos and Bopp Stark are also members of NACA: the National Association of Consumer Advocates and attorneys Molleur and Bopp Stark have spoken at nation-wide consumer advocacy conferences regarding saving peoples' homes through bankruptcy and other methods. Additionally, attorney Bopp Stark is co-lead counsel in a class action against GMAC Mortgage regarding the "robo-signing" of affidavits submitted to the court in foreclosure actions. 

If you are in the midst of foreclosure or if you think you are on the verge of being placed in foreclosure, please contact us for a consultation for a comprehensive review all of your options.