Edward Caron, Esq., a Biddeford attorney and former state representative,  proposed a change to the State of Maine exemption laws to enable individuals to protect local, state, and federal public assistance benefits from bankruptcy trustees and creditors.  The State Legislature listened to testimony from Ed Caron, Jim Molleur, and a representative from the Maine banking industry before deciding to pass a change to Maine's exemption laws.

The change was necessary due to a decision from the Maine Bankruptcy Court in 2006 that permitted a bankruptcy trustee to recover Earned Income Credit refunds that several Maine residents received after the 2005 tax year.  Earned Income Credit refunds represent federal funds used to assist the working poor with children to supplement their income. While the U.S. Trustee's office celebrated their temporary victory in the Bankruptcy Court, Ed Caron worked with the Legislature to right this statutory error, and succeeded in protecting the working poor throughout the State of Maine.

Attorneys like Ed Caron deserve credit for their dedication helping consumers in the bankrptcy system.  Jim Molleur was pleased to be asked to help in the effort to persuade the Legislature to change the exemption laws.