The National Business Institute sponsored a seminar in Portland, Maine on January 22, 2007, titled "Advanced Consumer Bankruptcy Issues". The seminar topics included Chapter 7 issues, Chapter 13 issues, tax matters, ethics, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code. The seminar was intended for experienced bankruptcy counsel and business and banking professionals who regularly encounter more sophisticated ankruptcy problems.

The speakers for the seminar were James Molleur, Esq., Peter Fessenden, Chapter 13 Trustee for the State of Maine, and E. Chris L'Hommedieu, Esq.. The seminar topics which James Molleur, Esq. taught included the ethics, Fair Credit Reporting Act and tax issues. This was the third occasion at which Attorney Molleur taught at this annual seminar.

The changes to the Bankruptcy Code made by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 were the primary focus of the seminar, and provided attendees with an opportunity to share their experiences with the speakers and learn advanced techniques to assist their clients.