Jim Molleur attended the 20th Annual NACBA Conference in San Antonio, Texas recently.  NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys) is the largest and most respected consumer bankruptcy attorney organization in the country and actively advances issues important to consumer bankruptcy debtors to the Courts, state legislatures, and Congress. 

Jim was a speaker at this year’s conference, at which about 850 bankruptcy attorneys across the country also attended.  Jim’s topic was titled “I Surrender”, and it addressed the problems consumers face in trying to surrender personal or real property to secured creditors in bankruptcy.  Secured creditors do not always actively take back possession and title to surrendered assets in bankruptcy, leaving debtors with title to assets with expensive obligations and headaches at the conclusion of their bankruptcy case.  Jim focused on the Pratt and Canning cases for the 250 attendees of his session at the conference. 

Other important conference topics included bankruptcy crimes (regarding debtors not accurately disclosing their assets and debt to the Court), the national AG mortgagee settlement, reverse mortgages, FDCPA violations, and individual Chapter 11 cases.