Molleur Law Office is pleased to announce that it is opening a branch office in Portland on June 1, 2010!  The new office is located at 537 Congress Street in Portland, Suite 411.  537 Congress Street houses the Bankruptcy Court on its second floor, and the United State Trustee office on the 3rd floor.  Meetings of creditors with trustees are held in Room 302 at 537 Congress Street.

The new office space is approximately 2000 square feet with space for two attorneys offices, two staff offices, and two conference rooms.  Initally, one attorney will be at the new office each day, with staff and other attorneys present as needed.  The new space will allow us to meet with clients during breaks in Court hearings and trustee meetings, as well as provide better service for our clients in Portland and north of Portland.  We encourage clients to schedule appointments in our new office and look forward to meeting you there!