On Friday, August 27, the attorneys and staff at MLO took a break from their normal daily work schedule to spend a day helping with the construction of a new home at a Habitat for Humanity for Greater Portland work site in Westbrook. 

Habitat’s mission is to eliminate substandard housing throughout the world.  It does this by building quality affordable homes for families that may not otherwise be able to purchase their own home.  The actual construction is largely done by volunteers and the building materials and land donated.  By following this business model, Habitat is able to build and sell homes for well under the current market value.  When Habitat sells these homes to the qualifying family, it retains a mortgage on which the new homeowner promises to pay.  The monies received from these mortgages enable Habitat to continue with their larger mission.  For more information on Habitat and its mission in our community, visit their website at www.habitatportlandme.org.

The experience we had volunteering at Habitat isn’t one we soon will forget.  Not only were we able to meaningfully help a deserving family in their quest for home ownership, but it provided us an opportunity to work together as a team in a much different environment.