The Maine Legislature recently passed a law that allows homeowners in foreclosure to attend a mediation session with their lenders in an attempt to find a resolution to the foreclosure action.

The purpose of the program is to assist homeowners and lenders in finding a joint solution to the foreclosure action at the beginning of the foreclosure process.

Homeowners are eligible for mediation if:

  • a foreclosure case was filed after December 31, 2009
  • the property is residential,
  • the homeowner has lived in the home in the last six months,
  • the home is his/her primary residence, and
  • the building has 4 or less units, and

If you qualify for Court Mediation, you should contact the Court immediately by either sending in a letter or calling and letting them know you are interested in participating in Court Mediation.

You will then have to attend a mandatory informational session.

The mediation process will be explained to you and you will be told what information to provide to the Court and the lender and/or their attorney.

You will also be given a mediation date.

At the mediation session, you will sit down with the lender’s attorney, a representative from the lender (most likely via telephone) and a professional mediator.

Representation at Mediation: Molleur Law provides legal representation at mediation sessions to help promote and advocate for your rights and goals.

Please contact us at 283-3777 to set up an appointment to review your specific situation.

The new mediation law can be found at: P.L. 2009 ch. 402, An Act To Preserve Home Ownership and Stabilize the Economy by Preventing Unnecessary Foreclosures, (effective June 15, 2009)

Operation of the program is governed by Maine Rule of Civil Procedure 93: