Jim Molleur was recently invited to attend the First Circuit Court of Appeals Conference in Boston.  The First Circuit Conference is by invitation only, and is given to attorneys who either practice regularly before the First Circuit Court of Appeals, or who otherwise are recognized as leading members of the federal bar.  Approximately 30 attorneys from Maine were invited, with most attorneys practicing before the Federal District Courts or Bankruptcy Courts.  Many of the Judges from the Court of Appeals, Federal District Courts, and Bankruptcy Courts were also in attendance.

The Conference featured noted professors and other speakers of national or regional prominence discussing the First , Fourth, and Sixth Amendments to the US Constitution, the role of the judiciary in our society, and various decisions by the US Supreme Court.  Justice Stephen Breyer from the US Supreme Court was a luncheon speaker and discussed a number of Supreme Court cases and the decision making process of the Supreme Court over the past 100 years.  The Conference was an excellent educational opportunity and provided time for Judges and attorneys in the federal system to connect.  It was an honor to participate in the conference activities and Jim hopes to have the chance to attend the conference in the future.