On February 28, 2014, Andrea Bopp Stark, Esq. and Chet Randall, Esq. organized a consumer rights training for local legal aid attorneys and other advocates interested in pursuing claims against creditors for harassment and inaccurate credit reporting.  Cary Flitter, Esq. of Flitter Lorenz, P.C. in Pennsylvania came up to present on the fundamentals of representing consumers who are being harassed or coerced by creditors or who have mistakes on their credit reports they cannot get fixed. _x000D_

Flitter is a highly respected expert in consumer law who has built much of his practice around litigating cases on behalf of consumers against debt collectors, banks and finance companies, insurance companies, car dealers and credit reporting agencies. Cary is a founding partner in Flitter Lorenz P.C., and a member of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bars. He has more than 30 years of trial experience in federal and state courts, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and in courts throughout the United States.  We were very fortunate to have him come to Maine to present to us and our staff how to most effectively and efficiently help consumers stop the harassment and fix their credit reports.  He discussed the two main laws that protect consumers against this conduct: the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

If you are being harassed or coerced into paying a debt or you know someone who is, please know that we can talk with you with no up front fee required and help you evaluate your options for stopping the abuse. 

Likewise, if you have or someone you know has mistakes on a credit report, we can talk about steps to take to correct those mistakes.  Those mistakes may be why you are denied a credit card, car loan, or home loan.  Creditors and credit reporting agencies have a duty to provide accurate information.   Contact Andrea or Chet to learn more.