Andrea Bopp Stark, a consumer rights attorney at Molleur Law, together with Thomas Cox of the Volunteers Lawyers Project, attorneys from Pine Tree Legal (PTLA), all of whom are members of M.A.S.H. - Maine Attorneys Saving Homes- and Nina Simon of the Center for Responsible Lending, have brought to light the disturbing practices of GMAC in filing false representations to the Courts to foreclose on the homes of Maine residents.  

Through a deposition conducted by Cox of a GMAC employee and motions filed by Bopp Stark, Cox, Simon, and PTLA, details about GMAC’s practices are now public information.  This conduct includes one GMAC employee signing 8,000 documents per month in support of foreclosures without reading or verifying the information in them including failing to review the Mortgage itself.  It is very likely that these joint efforts have lead to GMAC halting all foreclosure sales in Maine and 22 other states. 

Recent news reports indicate that this is not just happening to Maine homeowners but to homeowners across the country with GMAC as their lender or servicer.  See below: