Jim Molleur was a speaker at the American Bankruptcy Institute's Spring Conference in Washington D.C. on April 14. 2007.  The Spring conference is one of two national conferences held eqch year by the American Bankruptcy Institute.  The American Bankruptcy Istitute is a pre-eminent non-profit organization representing atorneys, bankers, financial turn-around companies, and others who participate in the bankruptcy system on a regular basis.

 Jim's topic was "Eligibility Issues in Consumer Bankruptcy" and he was joined by Judge Kelly of Wisconsin, Mark Redmiles of the United States Trustee office in Washington, D.C., and David Allard, A Chapter 7 Trustee in Michigan.  The panel discussed the numerous hurdles consumer debtors experience in the bankruptcy system, both in Chapter 7 cases as well as Chapter 13 cases.  The U.S. Trustee's office promoted working with the 2005 bankruptcy reforms to reduce "abuse" in the bankruptcy system, while Jim and Judge Kelley criticized the "reforms" and the effect upon ordinary individuals entering the bankruptcy system due to financial circumstances beyond their control.

On a lighter note, at the conclusion of the conference, the American Bankruptcy Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary.  As part of the celebration, the rock band "Hall and Oates" played at the final dinner.    Jim caught one of John Oates guitar picks thrown to the crowd at the end of the Hall and Oates concert - his ears are still ringing from the music.  The concert made the experience in Washington D.C. even more special!