Pine Tree Legal Assistance, a non-profit organization which helps low income Mainers with a variety of legal matters, is sponsoring foreclosure prevention seminars for attorneys willing to participate in a pro bono program for at least one client each year.  Chet Randall, Esq., the primary Pine Tree Legal representative in charge of the program, should be credited with bringing together a wide range of consumer advocates, consumer bankruptcy attorneys, and counsel for the State of Maine to assist  Maine residents defend themselves from the large number of foreclosure actions being filed recently.  

 Both Jim Molleur and Tanya Sambatakos are attending the 3 Pine Tree Legal seminars on November 1st, 9th, and 16th which will teach advanced techniques to defend against foreclosures.  Defense techniques will include use of consumer protection laws to counterclaim against the foreclosing creditor and thereby allow the consumer to protect their home from unscrupulous lenders.  Tanya and Chet attended the National Association of Consumer Advocates conference in St. Louis, Missouri and were inspired to bring foreclosure prevention tools to Maine attorneys and advocates.

Our office is dedicated to using all of the legal arguments available to protect consumers from unfair foreclosures and allow consumers to save their homes whenever possible.  Contact us for an appointment to see if we can help you save your home.