Molleur Law Office is pleased to announce that Tanya Sambatakos, Andrea Bopp Stark, and Jennifer Hayden have become members of Molleur Law Office effective January 1, 2012.  Molleur Law Office is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and attorneys who gain an ownership interest in the office become members in the LLC, in the same way that shareholders are owners of corporations.  The change for the attorneys from being associates to members is significant in that it represents an important step each of them have taken to become more vested and committed to the long term success of the office generally.

Tanya and Jen are primarily representing clients in bankruptcy cases, while Andrea represents clients in foreclosure defense, loan modifications, and complex consumer law litigation, including class actions.  Their talents and skills enable Molleur Law Office to provide effective and high quality legal representation.  They excel at providing clients with thoughtful legal analysis and compassionate counseling, both of which are necessary in assisting clients through difficult financial problems.  We are very proud of each of them and look forward to continuing to work together as a legal team for many years to come!