Bankruptcy Article #4

On January 1, 2001, the docket for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Maine was changed from a manual, paper docket to electronic. The court's docket is the official record of any document filed with the court. Prior to the creation of the new electronic docket, the Clerk's office maintained the docket and kept all original documents in a paper file.

An electronic docket retains no original paper documents. All paper received by the Clerk's office for filing are scanned into a "pdf" format. Attorneys who have been trained by the Clerk's office to file documents electronically never need to send paper to the court to "officially" file the documents with the court.

With access to PACER, the court's docket, all the documents filed with the court are instantly available. Documents electronically filed can be retrieved and printed at remote locations. Our office is able to retrieve any officially filed document on the Court's docket after January 1, 2001 for a nominal fee per page. This enables us to review and evaluate documents in cases we work on even though the case is closed and our file has been sent to our storage area.

Our office has electronically filed documents since October 2001. We were the first law office in Maine to electronically file documents in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Maine. We strive to electronically file all bankruptcy petitions on the same day as the client signs the document in our office. This is very important for our clients who are trying to stop Central Maine Power from shutting off their electricity, trying to save their home from foreclosure, or trying to prevent their car from being repossessed. Our ability to provide clients with superior service is enhanced by electronic filing in the Bankruptcy Court.