Getting Started with Chapter 13

Basic Requirements of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Maine


  • You must have a regular income, which can include unemployment benefits, worker's compensation benefits, or ADC benefits
  • It is not necessary to have wage employment or to be self-employed to take advantage of Chapter 13
  • Your unsecured debt must be below $336,900; and your secured debt must be below $1,010,650


  • A test of resources will measure your anticipated income over the next 3 to 5 years
  • Includes assets that a debtor may sell or liquidate during the plan to contribute

Good Faith

  • An applicant must show cooperation and an honest disclosure of information during the filing and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Courts will often give a debtor the benefit of the doubt despite some bad behavior
  • Find out more about the Requirements of a Chapter 13 Plan.

Process of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

There are several steps that every Chapter 13 case follows:

  • The creation of the Chapter 13 plan
  • The trustee meeting
  • Confirmation of the Chapter 13 plan
  • Court approval of the Motion to Allow and Disallow Claims

Read more about the Process of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case.

Schedule an Appointment

If you feel that a Chapter 13 reorganization would help you overcome your debt crisis, please schedule an appointment to meet with us. We have been filing Chapter 13 bankruptcies in Maine for over 30 years, creating new financial futures for consumers and businesses: (207) 283-3777.

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