Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Maine


Consumers or business, so deeply in debt that a reorganization could not solve the credit problems, may liquidate their assets to remove debt. If you meet the requirements, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help you move quickly past debt and begin a fresh start. Liquidation can be a difficult process, but some property is exempt from the reach of creditors. We will work together to protect your most critical assets, and can often save houses and cars from repossession.

Details of Chapter 7

While there is a perception that bankruptcy clears the debtor of all commitments, there are a number of non-dischargeable debts that must be paid for over time. You cannot clear recent taxes, student loans, child support, and other well-defined debts. If you have any questions regarding non-dischargeable debts, please review our Chapter 7 resources and then schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

There are also numerous restrictions in Maine regarding your actions prior to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Before liquidation, it is unlawful to spend large amounts of money or transfer possessions that would otherwise be used to repay your creditors. our Chapter 7 resources address many of these transfer details.

Schedule an Appointment

If you feel that a Chapter 7 liquidation is the path you need to regain control of your finances, please schedule an appointment to meet with us. Molleur Law Office has been filing Chapter 7 bankruptcies in Maine for over 30 years, creating new financial futures for consumers and businesses.

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